Where would we be without therapy? 

D  e  b  o  r  a  h   A.   M  a  r  t  i  n, Inc.

 Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Associates

Betsy Mazzeo: LCSW 

Betsy has been fully licensed since 2001, and has over 18 years 

of clinical experience with children, adolescents, adults, couples and groups.  

She has worked in the private, public and non-profit sectors of social work and

therapeutic arenas within the scope of her practice. 

She is a Certified Aggression Replacement Therapist (ART) which is a type of therapy 

designed to assist in the elimination of aggressive behaviors in children, 

replacing those behaviors with positive behaviors.  She has extensive experience working 

with the serious and persistently mentally ill, persons diagnosed with mood disorders 

(depression, anxiety) and persons diagnosed with substance use disorders. 

She works collaboratively with the patient (and parent/s) to design a treatment plan that will be most beneficial to the individual, 

working toward recovery and the maintenance of a healthy, productive and rewarding lifestyle that will 

allow them to interface successfully with family, work, educational and social settings.  

Betsy will strive to negotiate a treatment schedule that will work best for your personal needs, so that working toward ahealthy and 

manageable lifestyle is as easy and effortless as possible.

Some modalities that Betsy specializes in are:  Aggression Replacement Therapist (ART), Depression and Anxiety.