Where would we be without therapy? 

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 Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Associates

Jenna Esteves: MSW

Jenna has her Master's Degree in Social Work. In 2012. Jenna began her Journey 
as a social worker working in case management for children and families residing in 
homeless shelters. In 2013, she became a director of a domestic violence agency, 
which included overseeing the counseling department for victims and couples. In 2015, 
Jenna provided therapy and case management services to the incarcerated youth. 

At the same time, Jenna held the position as a mental health counselor for an agency 
that provided services to adults struggling with mental illness and or  personality 
disorders, there she would facilitate individual, family, couple and group counseling. 
She later moved on to developing and coordinating two programs within the agency , 
one in which focused on nutrition in correlation with mental health illness, followed by a supported housing program where she oversaw 
110 individuals living in supported mental health housing, while training and coordinating the case management department.

Jenna is recognized for her achievements, ability and dedication in guiding others onto a path of healthy recovery following past-trauma, 
loss, issues with relationships, mental illness, addictions and abuse. Jenna moved to Florida to continue her social work career 
as a clinical therapist. 

Some modality therapies she specializes in are Conflict-resolution Techniques (Rogerian), CBT and Insight Therapy. 
She is also certified in Reiki and Guided Meditation and Mindfulness.