Where would we be without therapy? 

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 Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Associates

Ronnye Drexler: LMHC

Ronnye originally graduated from the University of South Florida in 1995 with a 

degree BA in Sociology. From there, She began working with the 

Department of Juvenile Justice youth who were either on a diversion pogrom, 

on probation while in the community or in a residential program. Next, she began 

working with the Department of Children and Families either having their 

children removed or continued in the home with services; to assist them 

with the reunification process or stability in the family home. Realizing her passion 

was to work in the counseling field, she then earned by master’s degree 

from Webster University in mental health counseling.  This was so she could 

further work with clients who are dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar, 

sexual identity, substance abuse and addiction, and parenting.

As a clinician it is her passion to assist my clients with an environment to Focus on solutions and to grow as an individual and move 

forward in their life with the learned coping skills to manage their lives and resolve or find solutions to better cope with life. 

With Ronnye, clients can learn how to grow and build on their strengths towards empowerment, to better function in society at home and work.

Ronnye specializes in the follow areas: antisocial behavior, chronic pain, eating disorders, family conflict, grief and 

loss unresolved, low self-esteem, medical issues, phase of life problems, PTSD, sleep disturbances, 

spiritual confusion, trauma, depression, anxiety, bipolar, sexual identity, substance abuse and addiction, and parenting.